Dispensers and VDL tube feeding system in modern Dutch sow farm

Dispensers and VDL tube feeding system in modern Dutch sow farm

5 мая 2021

A new modern sow farm in Limburg, the Netherlands has been installed by Versleijen Oirlo BV, dealer of VDL Agrotech. The sow house offers housing for 1,100 sows.

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The sows are fed with the VDL600 tube feeding system. Therefore 1,100 VDL Dispensers 6.5L have been mounted, with a direct connection to the ø60mm transport tube. The dispensers are operated pneumatically.

VDL-Dosators-01-12-9-of-80.jpg  VDL-Dosators-01-12-13-of-80.jpg

VDL-Dosators-01-12-30-of-80.jpg VDL-Dosators-01-12-31-of-80.jpg

The rows are 35 meters long and the dispensers are opened automatically by an ø8mm aluminium control rod and 1 air cylinder per row.

VDL-Dosators-01-12-63-of-80.jpg  VDL-Dosators-01-12-66-of-80.jpg

The feed is supplied via 3 spiral augers to the central corridor, in which 2 distribution circuits are installed. These fill the feed circuits in the gestation house. It is possible to feed 3 types of feed by opening the takeover outlets of feed circuit 1 or 2 in the central corridor.

VDL-Dosators-01-12-52-of-80.jpg VDL-Dosators-01-12-57-of-80.jpg 

VDL-Dosators-01-12-55-of-80.jpg VDL-Dosators-01-12-50-of-80.jpg